All Marketing Packages

Jungle Media has taken the most frequent requests that we have for marketing production, and created a set of “fixed price” packages, to make it easy for marketing professionals to budget for their content.  While there are a large variety of customizable options to any of , these packages fit the bill for many projects.

Digital Streaming “TV Spot” or Commercial Package

Yes, your “commercial” can be seen on a phone or tablet or tv while a viewer is watching ESPN, A&E, CNN, Fox News, AMC, Animal Planet or whatever is hot this week.  Digitally placed ads MUST BE watched in the markets you advertise and you only get charged for the views that are seen. For a fixed price, you receive two, 30 second commercials to alternate into your messaging campaign.  There are some production assumptions that we utilize to achieve this low cost, but there are many styles and options that will fit into this package.  Click on the picture for more details or call so that we can discuss your project.

Blog Interview Package

This package was created in late 2020 as a subset of the Social Media Content Package.  Entrepreneurs and sole proprietors who are looking to post frequent but professional blog type content will appreciate this package.  We come to your location 3 times a year and record 16 to 18 short interview segments for posting on your blog, website, YouTube channel or social media feed. This simple but professional package includes lighting, professional audio, Jungle Media interview session, opening logo and closing logo on each clip.

Social Media Content Package

Establish or supplement your social media marketing presence with a single decision. You will receive 52 “Post Ready” clips that typically range from 30 to 60 seconds each, utilizing an interview format.  These clips can be placed into your Facebook or other social media feed and they can be boosted to reach out to a broad audience. We come to your facility and interview the business owner, employees and/or customers three times during the year to generate enough content for weekly updates. Many, many local businesses are taking advantage of this cost efficient method to educate and touch base with their customers.  There is also a 12-clip “campaign” version of the package for businesses that want only partial coverage during  the year.

Business Product Launch Package

When you want to make a splash at product launch, Jungle Media has been creating launch video content for over 20 years. The typical approach is to announce the new product by highlighting key features or changes to work practices that the product will generate. Content that focuses on value tends to be the most effective.  While there are a variety of options possible within this package price, the typical length for this content is 1 to 2 minutes.

Business Overview Content Package

Often the first marketing asset that a business will choose to produce.  When a business is wanting to convey a summary of their benefits or differentiating values or approaches, this form of communication is a great place to start. Often this asset will be used to introduce the owners or key employees, talk about the history of the company, and/or reveal the primary benefits for choosing to do business with the company.