Brilliant Copy Sample

Window Cleaning Service

You are building a bullet list for your web site.  You clean windows.  You could publish this:

  • XYC Window Cleaning
  • We have been cleaning windows for 25 years
  • Reasonable rates
  • Office buildings a specialty
  • Home services also
  • Monthly packages
  • We can make your windows look new again

There is nothing wrong with these words. They provide basic information. Perhaps the potential customer will choose you. But if you have three competitors in your area, why would they remember you? Why would they choose you over anyone else?

Brilliant Copy is one of the most important elements… along with branding, consistent communication and other staples of a good marketing effort. So, why not talk about yourself like this…

  • I cleaned my first window when I was 10.
  • My mother asked me to help her on a sunny day.
  • She turned it into a game, and I learned how to clean windows by age 12 better than anyone else I know.
  • I can change the entire mood of your office or house with the sparkling glass that I leave behind.
  • I have reasonable rates, I love my job and I will make you proud when you look out through your crystal clear windows.

Which copy draws you in? Which copy makes you want to call just to meet the person behind the business? If you chose the first example, then Jungle Media is not for you. What keeps us going strong, are the customers that want us to help the world see the full value of what they offer. Every business has the potential to be presented in this exciting way.   Why not you?

If you want a free quote on how we can shine the magic light on whatever you do or make, please challenge us to make you look good.