Small Business Marketing Packages

Many small businesses such as Realtors, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Advisors, Financial Planners, Shop Owners, Eye Doctors, Local Restaurants, Accountants, Consultants, Attorneys, Structural Engineers and so many others, have a need for local marketing content that can be used to spread the word on Social Media and/or Local advertising platforms.

Jungle Media offers a set of very low cost (per clip) packages to put a professional face on your social media posts and/or to take advantage of non-skippable, embedded “commercial” content on digital streaming TV platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, Network  APPs, Local TV by Zone, etc.


Digital Streaming “TV Spot” or Commercial Package

Yes, your “commercial” can be seen on a phone or tablet or tv while a viewer is watching “The Bachelor” or whatever show is grabbing attention.  Digitally placed ads MUST BE watched in the markets you advertise and you only get charged for the views that are seen. For a fixed price, you receive two, professional quality, 30 second commercials to alternate into your messaging campaign.  There are some production assumptions that we utilize to achieve this low cost, but there are many styles and options that will fit into this package.  Click on the picture for more details or call so that we can discuss your project.


Social Media “Basic” Content Package

16 “Post Ready” clips that typically range from 30 to 60 seconds each, utilizing an interview format.  We come to your facility and interview the business owner, employees and/or customers to build a 4 month campaign with weekly updates. Many, many local businesses are taking advantage of this highly effective and cost efficient method of utilizing social media to educate your audience.  Some businesses simply repeat the 4 month posting schedule three times to realize a full year of engaging content.  New for 2020, we also offer an annual subscription service for $500 per month.  You will receive a full year of fresh weekly content each week.


Social Media “Plus” Content Package

Same package as above, but with an enhanced visual style.  In addition to the 16 interview segments, we will add either B-roll footage that we capture, B-roll footage that you already have, photos that we take or you have had taken, graphics, and/or titles.  The idea is to add more visual information to the weekly interview that will be posted.  This package was created at the request of one of our customers and had become a popular choice for businesses that want a little extra in their posts.