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A lot has changed in the communication arena

Todays marketing, training and business professionals need effective, low cost, frequent  and authentic content to accomplish their communication goals.  Jungle Media has transformed over the last 22 plus years to meet the needs of this changing communication market.  We find that customers still want the professional attention to detail, interviewing skills, quality sound and imagery, editing expertise, graphics, photography, copywriting and all of the other ingredients that go into professional production. However, they are not willing to pay the prices of the past.  Many organizations rely on in-house employees to give it their best. However the workload of those individuals leaves them with little time to produce the quality of the work we can provide in the time needed.

Authentic is the new standard

Jungle Media has become known for our clear, compelling and authentic content.  What is authentic? You know it when you see it.  No hype, no inflated promises. You make statements that have more credibility than marketing content of the past.  People are more skeptical than ever of hype. We get to the heart of a project to refine the purpose and goals of the messages being produced. We then use our 22+ years of experience from traditional production, to create effective messages in the low to moderate price range for you.  For those of you still looking for “larger” communication projects, we can certainly deliver that, but we will bring our “authentic” approach to every project that we produce.  Click on the Marketing, Training or Social Media buttons to learn more.

Social Media Content with Class

A special offering that we have established over the last year, is the Social Media Content Package. The Social Media Content Package, is a great way to augment your posting practices.  Whether the burden for posting is on you as a business owner or marketing professional, or whether you work with a marketing house or posting agency for the scheduling of your content, you will like this package.  The social media content package featuring you, your products or your business offering helps to get at least one gorilla off of your back.


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