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Generate Impact with Authentic Content

Home Graphic 1Every business has a website and most have a social media presence.  But long after your online presence is established,  there is the bottomless need for content that will engage your audience and generate impact.  In addition, communication trends and standards are constantly changing, and now more than ever, customers are looking for authentic content that avoids hype and helps them to understand what is real.  People want to know what value is provided by the companies to which they give their business.

Consistency is key

Home Graphic 2Intentions are great and the enthusiastic goals that are established in the first quarter often begin to fade by spring break.  Generating and posting quality content that actually makes a difference is not an easy task.  From the small business that simply doesn’t have the time or the staff to generate the content, to the larger businesses that have in house staff responsible for keeping the presence fresh, everyone needs help.  The average business professional is overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the task of keeping content fresh, engaging and relevant.

What type of content do you need?

Home Graphic 3Marketing content falls into a variety of categories, from immediate “news” content, to educational or informational content, to content designed to keep your business top of mind. When you plan your strategy for the year, remember that each type of content has specific goals and expected outcomes.  Call to discuss ideas on how to prioritize.

Home Graphic 4Training content can be used for employee development, safety preparedness, or for customer education on how to use or maintain a product. Well produced training content can also serve as a sales support tool, allowing the customer to see how easy a product is to use, how easy it is to maintain, and just to show the product in action.

Plethora of communication channels

Home Graphic 5dThe chance to impact your audience is enhanced (and complicated) by the numerous channels in which your content can be placed;  social media posts, web page placement, pay per click landing pages, broadcast and digital placement of commercials, boosted posts, email campaigns, YouTube channels, etc.  The important thing to note is that the investment in each asset can be used in multiple channels to enhance your reach.

Let Jungle Media help

Home Graphics 7Jungle Media has been producing marketing and training content for businesses for over 23 years. Over the last two years, we have introduced a variety of highly popular packages, that keep costs low, and offer consistent and professional content to your communication efforts.  Whatever your need, we can help.

Visit our Marketing Packages page to see the many low cost, standardized approaches we have developed for giving you professional and timely content.

Visit our Marketing Content page to learn more about the styles and types of content that can engage your audience.

Visit our Social Media Content Package page to learn more about how you can have weekly content delivered all year long for MUCH less than has ever been possible.

Visit our Training Page to learn more about how training material can be a great way to support your customers, your employees and your sales efforts.

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