Who is Jungle Media?

Brian Groves, Video Producer, Jungle Media

President and Owner, Brian Groves

My name is Brian Groves, and I produce marketing and training video content that would be categorized as “corporate”, “industrial” and/or “educational”.

I have been producing video content for businesses, government agencies and non-profits since 1996.  Since there are many broad definitions and flavors of video production, let me give you the scoop on Jungle Media.

The people who hire Jungle Media are looking for clear, intelligent and honest communication about their business, their products, their communication projects, their customers or their employees.



Photography & Production, Michelle Groves


Michelle Groves is a business partner, photographer and production assistant when projects call for additional resources in the field.  She has travelled the world taking stunning photographs and compiling a deep understanding of different cultures and experiences.  Her additional work in customer service, cash management and her teaching credential make her a valuable resource as a production planner, script editor and content director.






Producer and Editor, Kelly Griffin


Kelly Griffin is a 25 + year seasoned pro who brings a tremendous wealth of visual skills to the table.

He has created an incredible portfolio of compelling visual material.  His skill in design and motion graphics, have been seen in hundreds of projects. He works in concert with our philosophy that the best work comes through the authentic and genuine expression of the people who make a company or an organization work. Together, we have created some of our best projects.





Marketing Intern, Lauren Anderson


Lauren Anderson is a production assistant and marketing intern who has been working with Jungle Media since 2016.  She is currently attending Oregon State University and is
in her senior year in pursuit of a marketing degree.  She brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to our projects.  She is often tasked with creating social media content as well as helping customers with their websites and content management. She will often appear as an extra on camera when the situation is appropriate.




How is “corporate” communication different from “art” or “entertainment”?

The simple answer: Every dollar that is spent on corporate marketing, training or communication is scrutinized to deliver an important message, without embellishment beyond what it takes to effectively deliver that particular message.  Corporate content is very hard work.

Jungle Media customers have high expectations and often they have many constraints.  First of all, it needs to be effective for the target audience.  If speaking to professionals, it needs to be intelligent.  If speaking to the next door neighbor, it needs to be warm and friendly.

The “art” of corporate communication

There are often many issues that have to be accommodated when producing “corporate” content.  Here are a few:

  • Any creative elements need to fit within the structure of the brand as defined by the marketing team or the marketing agency.  We usually do not have the freedom to create a completely new style.  On many occasions, we are required to follow a style guide or brand guide, even though the guide did not include consideration of video content.
  • There are often competing concerns and opinions from various departments and managers. Sales, marketing, engineering and customer service all might have opinions on the tone of the message.  In government organizations, there are often many stakeholders assigned to the communication project.  This makes for interesting conversations when it comes to selection of fonts, graphics, music and voice or screen talent.  What might seem credible and appropriate to one department might get a veto from another.
  • There are often challenges surrounding the capturing of footage.  On more than one occasion, we have had to schedule shoots of products that were not yet functional.  However, product launch deadlines required that the video be shot before complete products were available. Talk about creativity!
  • Limited budgets.  In many companies or government agencies,  marketing and training content budgets are often scrutinized much more diligently than higher visibility advertising campaigns.  While big agency produced content might allow for a budget that can accommodate a crew of 12 in an exotic location, Corporate content budgets often require small crews, limited use of talent and less than exciting locations such as factory floors, conference rooms, or customer sites.

In short, it should not go overlooked that if you need a producer who can work magic within these types of constraints, then Jungle Media has a deep and credible track record.

Work Ethic

Just a few years ago, I would never have thought that it might make sense to talk about work ethic on a web site.  However, it has recently become obvious that not all professionals take their work as seriously as others. I am not in business to boost my ego, become famous, play golf, avoid hard work or operate a get rich quick scheme.  Every single day, my action item list is prioritized based on current projects, customer deadlines, and a constantly changing schedule.

I might have a shoot scheduled for a Tuesday, and a customer calls on a Monday afternoon announcing that a problem has been found in the featured new product. They request a delay in the shoot, and my schedule is rearranged to move up the edit for another customer to fill that empty day.

I keep detailed notes, I have action item lists, I run compressions while I am out on lunch.  Backups run each night. Scripts are often reviewed after dinner. A stop by the office in the evening might make sense to get a jump on work for the next day.  I workout every day and I love delivering for you, the customer.  I do NOT miss deadlines.  You will get emails and status reports as necessary to keep you in the loop on the state of your project.  If I earn your business, I intend to keep it!

Are we right for you?

I make this simple offer.  Invite me to meet with you or your team.  I can show you samples.  I will listen to your ideas and offer my own.  Our first meeting will answer any questions that you have about your project, producing video, working toward your goals and creating an affordable budget. Most people who meet with me will know right away whether I am a good choice for their project.

I am a phone call way.  I would love to hear from you.

Brian Groves  (503) 538-4356.



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