Marketing Samples

Marketing for Employee Recruitment



GK Machine is looking to hire some new employees.  As part of their sponsorship of the Oregon State Fair, we produced this video along with 5 others.  The purpose of this video was to recruit talented employees.



Online Marketing: Product Demonstration


Internet video is a powerful way to show the benefits of how a product works.  This example shows off compelling visual imagery along with customer testimonial.

Online Marketing: Product Overview



When marketing also includes the need to educate the audience, an overview video will summarize features and benefits, as well as give a glimpse of how the product works.


Online Marketing: New Product Launch



When launching a new product or business, a short marketing video helps to ensure that your presentation is consistent and effective.  This video helped land a major sale within ten days of completion.

Testimonial Marketing: Performance Health



This is a wonderful example of the power of testimonials.  No matter the level of marketing material for a product line or a business, testimonials add credibility and a sense of value to your efforts.  Aside from word of mouth, testimonials are your second greatest asset.



TRACcess:  Supra Products, UTC Fire & Security


This product overview was created to help the sales force demonstrate the key benefits of a new access control system.  It appears on the corporate website.  Sales of this product are accelerating rapidly, and this video asset is used to differentiate the product from competitors.


Local Attorney, Television Commercial


Created to help a local attorney increase visibility within the community. Effective at increasing phone calls over a 6 month period.

Newberg Urgent Care

This introduction to an Urgent Care facility was created to help establish an online presence for the clinic.  Along with an updated website and the launch of a social media campaign, community awareness has been raised.



Family Business, Marketing Video


Produced as a way for the local cabinetry company to introduce homeowners and builders to the services. Distributed on web site, YouTube and DVD.

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