Commercial Drone Service

You can add stunning aerial imagery to your marketing efforts

Drone_1In April of 2021, the FAA put into place commercial drone licensing and flying regulations that require certification to fly a drone for anything other than recreational purposes.  Jungle Media is now a licensed, certified and insured commercial drone service provider.  Whether you are in Real Estate, Marketing, or Video Production, we can provide the footage to enhance your visual image. Our footage and photos are cleaned, color corrected and ready for use.

High quality, easy to work with


With the ability to fly up to 400 feet over your subject and to record 4K footage or 20 mp photos, you can add a stunning visual perspective to your web site, YouTube channel, marketing literature, video projects or social media posts.  You schedule the time and location, we conduct the shoot with or without you present, and send completed files to your inbox. Our footage and photos will meet your most demanding expectations.

Eliminate obstacles to your vision


What once required sophisticated cranes, dollies or other expensive camera rigging, can now be completed with a simple drone flight. Technology has brought hi quality imagery and perspective to you at a remarkably affordable price.  Learn more by clicking on the sample real below or call to discuss your ideas.  Our initial package is priced to be affordable for any budget.

How Much Does it Cost?

2022_Drone_PriceWe have created a simple, basic package to introduce you to our service.  You receive 12 to 15 hi res photos and 3 – 5 minutes of clean 4K footage from the shoot.  All images and footage are cropped, color corrected, and edited to be of the highest quality, ready for you to drop in place in your marketing material.  Our “lowest” price is for any customer in the Newberg / Dundee area.  Because of the low cost, there will be a flat $50 travel fee to areas, such as McMinnville, Sherwood, WIlsonville, Tigard, Tualatin, etc.  An appropriate travel fee will be required for more distant locations.

If you need more that the simple requirements of this package, a custom quote can be provided with normal hourly rates for additional footage, travel and/or editing.


Drone_4Click here to see our current demo reel. Many more samples will be added as flights occur.  Do you have something interesting in mind?