Training Video Production Oregon

The Explosion of Training Video content

Whether you need to train customers, employees or both, professional training video is an extremely cost effective way to present a clear and consistent message to your audience.  Larger businesses often have a legal obligation to provide employees with safety training on certain topics.  Sales teams can use customer training video content to educate prospective customers on the benefits of a product line or to demonstrate the company commitment to quality training material.

Video Training Producer in Oregon

Accurate and precise video training

One of the largest categories of internet video is the “How to” category.  People want and need to know how to do things properly. Watching a video is the most effective method to train people.  Training video content helps the viewer comprehend information more completely than with pictures  or manuals.

Jungle Training Experience

Often, Jungle Media is contacted to produce product specific training video programs that instruct a customer or user how to successfully interact with the product. These can range from simple step-by-step instruction videos, to complex technical videos on how to update software, how to maintain machinery, etc.  Sometimes, these training videos are requested to be constructed in such a way that they can double as sales support videos as well.  In these scenarios, the sales staff can use the training video to demonstrate the benefits of the product.

We have produced a large volume of these sorts of videos, from earthquake preparedness for employees, to communication skills seminars, to product installation videos.  The engineering background of our owner helps to create accurate, detailed scripts that are easy to follow and visualize. Here are the types of projects we have produced:

Customer Training Video

Whether training customers how to use, install or maintain a specific product, we have done it all.  Consider the scenario where a transit authority has purchased millions of dollars worth of surveillance equipment.  Technicians are employed to install that equipment on hundreds of city vehicles.  Jungle Media created more than 20 video segments as support material for installation teams across the country.  From how to install cameras, where to drill holes, or how to test the equipment, we covered every facet of the installation process.

We created more than 30 video segments over a 3 year period for an industrial machine company on how to maintain and repair their products in the field.  These video segments live on their website and are frequently used by the customer service department to assist customers in the care of their machines.

We have also created dozens of “how to use” video programs for a customer that provides access control devices for the telecom and real estate industry.  These programs were so popular with their customers, that they have been translated into multiple languages, providing world wide support for the product line.


Employee Training Video

Whether how to prepare for an earthquake, how to safely use industrial equipment or how to better communicate with your office staff, we have produced video content to satisfy the human resources and safety directors at one of our customers.  Employee training is not only cost effective, it is often mandatory.  In some cases, our projects were created by attending the live training seminar and writing the video script from observing the content.  In others, employees walked us through the safety protocol of their job, while we recorded the appropriate footage.  In other situations, we recorded live training seminars for later editing and distribution.  Regardless of the format or the purpose, Jungle Media has been a reliable partner in developing training material.


Specialized Training

In our most advanced form of developing training content, we produced educational seminars for a non-profit organization, designed to educate physicians, nurses, hospice workers and clergy in the importance of and the need for spiritual care as part of the overall care for patients.  These documentary style programs ranged in length from 15 to 45 minutes each and have been well received by a growing population of healthcare professionals looking for ways to improve their care.

As part of this effort, we also recorded many live sessions for world renowned speakers such as Dr. Ira Byock, Joan Borysenko, Carolynn Myss, Father Richard Rohr, Paula D’Arcy, Father Thomas Keating, Tom Golden and Coleman Barks.

Whether created from scratch or recording of live presentations, Jungle Media can serve your most demanding training situations.



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