Jungle Media upgraded all production, post production and aerial equipment from HD to 4K at the start of 2022.  While most customers don’t care about gear specifics per se, it is important to understand that equipment is always a balance between quality, capability and cost.

Jungle Media evaluates its equipment list on an annual basis. When we see a growing need for a new technology that improves the end product for our market niche, we carefully invest our dollars, since ultimately, they are your dollars.

The Switch to 4K

Recently, we upgraded to a Canon 4K Cinema system. While most customers still prefer deliverable files to be compressed to 1920 x 1080 (HD) for size and portability, all new footage will be captured in 4K.  This allows for the choice at post production time for you to choose whether editing will occur in HD or 4K.  All of our marketing package prices now include recording in 4K and editing in HD.  This allows us to perform zooms and pans within the 4K footage when editing in HD.  Editing in HD is appropriate if your video files will reside on YouTube, will be posted to Social Media or live on your website.  For customers who want full 4K deliverable files for large screen TV presentations, or other uses, this can now be accommodated.  Let us know when we provide a quote which you prefer.

A partial list of our production gear inludes:

Canon C200 Cinema Camera. The C200 offers stunning image quality, access to the full line of Canon EF lenses and is the workhorse of our production capability. This amazing device allows the delivery of Hollywood approved footage to Main Street customers.

4K C200 Flat

Canon EF lenses We have recently upgraded our “lens cart” to include both the acclaimed 50mm F1.2L lens and 35mm F1.4 L Mark II lenses for interview and short depth of field shots. The 24-105mm F4.0L zoom lens is perfect for outdoor shots with the ability to go wide to telephoto without a lens change.  The 17-40 F4.0L provides stunning wide angle capability for B-roll shots indoors or out.  Finally, the 10-22mm F3.5 super wide angle telephoto is now the standard option for our ready to shoot gimbal rig.

4K Lenses Flat

Canon FX-605 4K ENG Camera. The amazing FX-605 was released by Canon in late 2021 to fill the need for an Ultra HD, 4K, CMOS ENG camcorder with a 15X powered optical zoom.  While we will always use the C200 when the shot allows, there are times when a powered zoom, with a reach greater than 2X or 3X is needed to get the footage for the occasion.  Sporting events, live presentations, seminars, large spaces like factory floors, theaters or any other space where a Cinema camera will not do.  This state of the art piece of technology will serve our customer base for many years to come.

4K FX605

Helix 3-axis gimbal with 4K Canon 90D. Ideal for situations where “footage on the move” will add to the production value.  The addition of the dedicated 4K Canon 90D and 10-22mm F3.5 lens, and a custom foam cut Pelican case on wheels, now means this tool can be brought to use in 60 seconds.  No more production time needed to mount and balance the primary camera.

4K Gimbal Flat

Aerial Footage with amazing clarity and smoothness.  In late 2021, Jungle Media owner, Brian Groves obtained FAA certification as a commercial drone pilot.  Along with the acquisition of the DJI Mavic Air 2S, we can now capture stunning aerial footage of your building, property, city, neighborhood, outdoor event or equipment in operation or anything that can’t be done without escaping gravity.  Check out the drone page for more details and truly stunning samples.

4K Drone Flat

Canon 7D Mark II camera. In addition to our award winning video production capability, we also provide professional photography capability to clients for whom we are producing video content.  The Canon 7D Mark II, allows us to capture and deliver high resolution still images to complement the content that we create for you.  Often used for portraits or product close-up shots.

4K Canon 7D II Flat

Miller True Fluid Head camera support.   The move to lighter and more compact technology required us to undertake an extensive 3-week research project to replace our now “classic” Vinten Vision support system.  While the Vinten will remain on the shelf as a backup tool, it could not handle the wide range of weights with todays equipment on the lighter end of the spectrum.  Enter the Miller CX10.  This Australian designed and built support system allows full head counter balance capability for any camera weighing mere ounces up to 26.4 pounds. With a precision geared 16 step counter balance system and multi geared pan and tilt fluid movement, this tool will be everywhere we go. In addition, the investment of the 100mm support base and the Solo Q Carbon Fiber sticks, means your shots will be smooth and steady when necessary.

4K Miller Flat

Cinevate 24″ Time Lapse Slider. While floating and slow moving shots will be handled by the gimbal or drone, we also upgraded our slider with a geared time lapse system.  This allows the camera to move left or right over a period of up to 45 minutes in “real time” while the Canon 7D Mark II takes images on intervals of up to 60 seconds apart, to create the effect where clouds, vehicles, waves or other moving objects, speed by with the passing of time. The addition of the all terrain legs also allows for shots in the field or other rugged locations.

4K Slider Time Lapse Flat

Dual Sennheiser wireless audio systems. With a selection of lavalier and handheld microphone components, we can get great audio for interviews or live events.

4K Sennheiser Flat

Lowell light system with 5 lights, Chimera soft box, louvers, light stands, flags, reflectors, gels, frosts, barn doors, filters, scrims and anything else needed for simple interview or product lighting scenarios. For larger shoots with multiple talent in large locations, we hire in a grip and lighting truck customized for the shoot.

The summary of our equipment strategy, is that we invest in specific gear that we know we will use a lot within a 3 to 5 year period. For more complex situations, we find and rent the specific gear that your project may need.  If you don’t see it here, don’t worry.  Every piece of gear imaginable is available for rent within the Portland Metro area.

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