Training Samples

Oregon CCB: Contractor Training



As part of the contractor licensing program in the State of Oregon, regular training courses are required.  This video was one of several produced for Oregon by Jungle Media.




Soul & Science: Lessons for Caregivers



This was the first of fifteen, 5 minute lessons developed as part of a new series of training courses for caregivers.  It will be used for the launch of the Soul & Science non profit organization. Soul & Science was formed to help bring timely educational content to the healthcare system in an easy to use, mobile friendly environment.

How to Prune a Rose



One of 6 online, training / marketing programs developed for Heirloom Roses during 2015.  Used to drive traffic to the website.  Over 70,000 hits on YouTube were registered for the 6 programs.  This was one of the most popular.



Customer Support


A simple example of how to provide customer support in the form of visual instructions for adjusting a product.  The added benefit of this type of training video, is that when customers search for “How to adjust” followed by the product name, the video will likely appear on the first page of search results immediately.


Customer Training – Foreign Language

19 video segments were created to provide the necessary customer training to operate a facility access control system from UTC Fire and Security.  As sales grew internationally, each segment was translated into other languages.  The project included script translation, voice over recording, title and graphics replacement.  This sample is from the French project.


Product Installation



One sample of an 18 part video package developed for UTC Fire & Security. Used to train employees & contractors on how to install security systems for transit customers.  The project was part of an effort to reduce the need for a live training provider to travel to each and every product installation.


Rare Book Collecting



One of a dozen “topical” presentations on rare book collecting by noted collector Phil Pirages. Over a two day period, Phil recorded these lessons for his worldwide base of collectors.  On his YouTube page, he has  over 40,000 hits that have led to many sales and inquiries.


Earthquake Preparedness



This was a significant project for the Safety department at Esco.   Prior to this video, all new employees needed to attend a 2-hour live training session.  These sessions were held several times each year.  Now, this 14 minute program satisfies all of the earthquake training requirements for the company.

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