Social Media Content Package

The Pitch

Engaging content is the key to an effective social media strategy. How many times have you seen a business social media page that peppers a feed with content that doesn’t really have any impact?  It has become common practice to post a stream of frequent yet uneventful content to demonstrate that you “are there to be seen”. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, if people don’t engage with the content, it has the long-term effect of numbing the audience to anything that you post.

Also, if you do have a knack for generating effective content yourself, you have now entered the world where you have the new gorilla on your back of needing fresh content every week.   The Social Media Content Package provides a complete set of “post ready” clips for you to use as your primary social media content, or to augment other content that you may be generating yourself.

The Package

For a fixed price, we will create engaging  “get to know us” or testimonial media clips that actually help to raise awareness about you, your company, your products or services.

Cost: $1,950 (or $350/month for 6 months) for any business in the Portland Metro area.

We come to your business for up to 4 hours

  • We capture you or employees talking about things your customers care about
  • You can also invite happy customers to stop by and give their testimonials
  • We capture as many stand alone clips as possible in the half-day.
  • We create an introduction that will appear before each clip.
  • We create up to 20 clips from the material captured.
  • We send you the library of video clips, so you can post one every week or two as part of your communication strategy.
  • Your “library” will reside on a free YouTube page that we will setup for you if you don’t have one.  All you need to do when you post, is paste the link to the desired clip into Facebook, Linked In or any other platform that you use, including your blog or website.


Real Estate Agent Sample. (Meet Our Team clips)

CB Still4

Financial Advisor Sample (Meet Our Team clips)

ClearPoint SM Sample

Online Retail Sample (From the Garden)

HR Still2

Insurance Agent Sample (A mix of Meet Our Team and Testimonial clips)

Stephens SM Sample

Irrigation Service Sample (Meet Our Team clips)

Ernst SM Sample

Industrial Tool Sample (Customer Success Stories)

Unilux SM Sample

Sports Medicine Sample (Customer testimonials)

Cramer SM Sample


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up?

Once you agree to proceed with the production of a social media content package for yourself or your business, I will contact you to schedule a date for the recording session. It is best to anticipate that your office or the selected recording location will be occupied for the recording session for approximately 4 hours. During this time, you, other employees and/or customers can be scheduled to speak on camera. For yourself and/or employees who will be delivering the primary messages, assume a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes per person. For customers of yours, who may be asked solely to deliver one or two thoughts about their experience, 20 to 30 minutes each should suffice.

What do I get with this package?

I will record as many standalone clips as possible within the 4-hour visit to your facility. After the recording session, I will sort through the various takes and compile a composite program of the usable raw clips, back to back in a single movie so that you can review the clips. If there are more than 20 usable clips, you can prioritize which are to be completed. If there are fewer than 20, you can simply approve any or all of them to be completed.   Once the clips are compiled, a simple intro with your logo will be appended to the beginning, name titles will be inserted over the beginning of each clip and a closing logo will also be applied. If appropriate and/or desired, a simple selection of royalty free music can be applied underneath the voice.  When the clips are completed, all of the files will be sent to you from an email file service, so that you can download them for use on your website and/or YouTube channel.

How do I post my files?

The best way to post any video file, whether to your social media feed or to your website, is to have the files reside on a free YouTube channel, and then to copy the link to each file to the social media post or to the website.   I can help you to establish the free YouTube channel and then I will upload the files to it for you as part of the package. When you are ready to post, you simply copy the link to the movie from your browser and paste it to your social media feed or webpage.

Can I put the video files on my website?

Yes. Links to the files can be placed on your website page(s) so that they can be viewed in YouTube from your website. If you do not intend to use YouTube, the video files themselves can be loaded to your website.

Can I reuse and/or repost my video files?

Yes. The social media content package is designed to create content that can be posted on your feed on a regular basis (say one per week or one every other week), however once you have posted each of the files, they can be reposted to your feed whenever you want.

What can I say in my social media video files?

You can say whatever you like. This is your forum. You can talk about your business, your customers, and your ideas, anything that is appropriate to post on social media.

What should I say?

It is best to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What are the questions that they have when they are thinking of spending money on the items or services that you offer? What is it that they don’t know? If you can educate a viewer, you are building a relationship.

Can I expand on this package?

Of course. The Social Media Content Package from Jungle Media is simply an entry-level package that provides to you a great deal of content suitable for social media at a very low cost. At any point, you can request a quote for additional features such as B-roll content of what you might be speaking to, additional graphics, or any other element that goes into standard video production content.

How is the Social Media Content Package different from traditional Marketing Video content?

The nature of social media content is that it is more casual, shorter in length and with the content spread out over a long period of time (posts) rather than compiled into longer format that summarizes everything to be said in a single program.


Schedule your session

Call us to schedule your session. We usually have open dates within two weeks of your inquiry.

Oh, and one more important thing. Most people are NOT comfortable speaking on camera. We bring our magic touch to help people relax and say nice things. We guarantee that.