Social Media Content Package

The Pitch

Engaging content is the key to an effective social media strategy. How many times have you seen a business social media page that peppers your feed with meaningless fluff? It has become common practice to repost a stream of dribble to demonstrate that you “are there to be seen”. However if people don’t engage with the content, it has the long-term effect of numbing the audience to anything that you post.

The Package

For a fixed price, we will create engaging  “get to know us” or testimonial media clips that actually help to raise awareness about you, your company, your products or services.

Cost: $1,950 for any business in the Portland Metro area.

We come to your business for up to 4 hours

  • We capture you or employees talking about things your customers care about
  • You can also invite happy customers to stop by and give their testimonials
  • We capture as many stand alone clips as possible in the half-day.
  • We create an introduction that will appear before each clip
  • We create up to 20 clips from the material captured
  • We send you the library of video clips, so you can post one every week or two as part of your communication strategy


Financial Advisor Sample (Meet Our Team clips)

ClearPoint SM Sample

Insurance Agent Sample (A mix of Meet Our Team and Testimonial clips)

Stephens SM Sample

Irrigation Service Sample (Meet Our Team clips)

Ernst SM Sample

Industrial Tool Sample (Customer Success Stories)

Unilux SM Sample

Sports Medicine Sample (Customer testimonials)

Cramer SM Sample

Schedule your session

Call us to schedule your session. We usually have open dates within two weeks of your inquiry.

Oh, and one more important thing. Most people are NOT comfortable speaking on camera. We bring our magic touch to help people relax and say nice things. We guarantee that.