Website Content Package

web-template-58-021114-ykwv2The website content package from Jungle Media was designed to help you launch or update your website with professional video, photography and copywriting.  Many small to medium businesses will hire an employee or an agency to create the design and structure of a website, generate the page headings and create links.  This is an important part of your company brand.  However, when it is time to fill in the content, often there is less enthusiasm, budget or rigor left to apply to the project.  Content is HARD and time consuming. The sample image above is attractive and well designed, but it doesn’t say anything. Jungle Media will focus on the video, photos and copy to generate a complete message that will resonate with your audience. 


Say NO to thin websites, say YES to professional presentation

WebContent2No need to settle for a skimpy website when it comes to the content. Whether you have filled in a first draft of content and need a more complete treatment of your material, or whether your content is showing its age and you need a refresh, this package is a perfect choice.  Often your web designer will create a great looking  design, but not take the time to  generate the most important part.    Does your website  reveal  the compelling reasons why someone should give you their business?


Content Creation is our ONLY business.

WebContent3For over 26 years, Jungle Media has created video, photos and copy for marketing or training purposes to small businesses (with a single owner / employee) up to product lines or divisions of major FORTUNE 500 companies.

We get to know you, your products and your business.  We uncover what it is that your customers want to know about you.

Then we create the videos, photos and words to put you in the best light possible.


AMAZING Value for the price

Dollars Means Bucks Cash Income Or Prosperity

The cost of content has come down over the years, due to a decreased expectation on the part of audiences in general, but there are now many examples of businesses settling for less than professional content to represent their brand.

Jungle Media uses professional lighting, high end professional 4K cameras, professional lenses, professional audio, and over 26 years of experience in making people and products look great! We continue to offer the highest quality professional content at budget conscious prices. By focusing on the content and not the infrastructure, every dollar that you spend with us is used to make things look great.

What do you get?

  • In person or phone Interview, to capture the primary elements of your content
  • 1200 words of copy for the page(s) you designate
  • 12 professional photos  of products, facilities, employees
  • Twin 30 – 60 second video ads highlighting the company or product

How much does it cost?

2023 Web Content Price

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