Digital Ad Package (Streaming and/orTV)

Participate in the Streaming TV revolution

Yes, your Jungle Media produced “commercial” can be seen while a viewer is watching ESPN, A&E, HGTV, CNN, Fox News, AMC, HBO or whatever network is suited to your audience.  Jungle Media can insert your local, digital ad into the shows that people watch on cable TV or streaming onto their phones, tablets or laptops.  All ads will be placed such that they MUST BE watched in the shows where you advertise and you only get charged for the views that are seen. For many small to medium businesses, this is a great way to increase awareness in your community.

What you get

2023 Spot Price
For the annual package, you will receive a total of 12, 30-second spots; one per month.  There will be a total of 4 shoots during the year to capture these 12 clips.  For the single campaign package, you will receive 2, 30-second spots to alternate into your messaging campaign.  There are some production assumptions that we utilize to achieve these low costs, but there are many styles and options that will fit into this package.  Call to discuss options.

Here is what you get with the annual package:

  • 4, 2-hour shoots at your location, one every three months.
  • Interview or B-roll capture
  • Script
  • Voice Over
  • Simple Graphics
  • More elements can be produced for additional cost.  

With the single package, you get a single shoot as above.

Media Buy

Jungle Media will also act as your ad placement agency and provides a single point for billing on both the production and media buy.  Jungle Media will bill monthly for your network placement in addition to the production costs.

For a small business, it is best to assume a minimum of $500 per month in ad placement.  This means you can run a complete campaign with two commercials for a year for $1,800 + (12 * $500), or $7,800.  Of course there are many other possibilities.  We can discuss the options when mapping out your plan.


Digital streaming Ad for Mike McBride, Farmers Insurance

Here is a sample of three, 15-second ads created for Mike McBride, Farmers Insurance of Newberg.  Mike wanted to advertise his special skills in writing business insurance policies. Jungle Media produced these ads and then placed them into the EffectTV local cable and digital, multiscreen (phone, computer, tablet) delivery system. Mike has been running these and other ads consistently for over a year. Consistent delivery is one of the keys to establishing audience recognition and brand retention.

Digital streaming Ad for First Federal

This is one of several 30 second commercials created for an online campaign for First Federal Savings and Loan. Ad placement was both embedded streaming content (major network) and local TV viewing within Yamhill County. First Federal combined this ad campaign along with a web and social media campaign to invite the audience to help vote on the features that they were most interested in from their bank.

Digital streaming Ad for Uncle Dan’s Tire World

This is one of a series of 30 second TV commercials produced for the grand opening of Uncle Dan’s Tire Center and Auto World. Ads will run on EffectTV digital placement in the Tigard zone.  Uncle Dan started his business from scratch in the fall of 2019, and is growing his business with attention to detail, customer service, and a belief that advertising helps to keep his business top of mind in the local community. Uncle Dan also brings his colorful character alive in these candid spots.

Digital streaming Ad for Pacific Residential Mortgage


This is one of a series of 30 second TV commercials produced for Venessa Eck with Pacific Residential Mortgage. Ads are being run on major network streaming content as well as local TV in two zones.  Venessa is committed to providing quality customer service and to be a known quantity within her coverage area.  She has been successfully helping her customers for many years and believes in the value of consistent marketing.

Digital streaming Ad for Aunt Bee’s House


This is a 30 second TV commercial produced for Aunt Bee’s House in Salem. Ads are running on major network streaming content and local TV.