Marketing Content For Your Business

Authentic Content

There are many philosophies and styles of marketing content. Jungle Media has always believed that the most effective marketing content is authentic content. What does this mean to you?

Authentic content begins with an understanding of the audience and the purpose of the message you are producing. Jungle Media then believes that the “best” content will present a compelling message without exaggeration, inflated promises or deception. We do not believe in “high pressure”, negative, or  “fear based” marketing.

3 types of content that we produce

3 types of contentImmediate Content

Immediate content is the typical advertisement or “commercial” that lets the viewer know that there is a time critical issue to be paid attention to.  “Sale this weekend”.   “Enroll before the deadline”. “Solve your problem now”.

Immediate content tends to be fairly short in length (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds).  It is also highly perishable.  The money invested to produce the content needs to have a high impact in a short period of time, then the content is disposed of.  The money spent on this type of content, needs to be weighed against the potential benefit.  If you knew that you could make $1 million dollars running a 30 second commercial for one week, it would be reasonable to spend a lot of money on that commercial.  If however, you hope to earn $20,000 from the playing of a commercial, you need to keep the production cost reasonable.

Informational, Educational or Inspirational Content

This type of marketing content tends to be longer in format (2 minutes or more).  It tends to be slower paced to give the viewer time to absorb the message.  This is the area where we believe strongly in the benefit of Authentic content.  As time progresses, people have become more and more discerning with regard to the messages that they listen to.  We believe the best way to attract customers is to share honest and open information with them.  Let them see what you have and let the light come on for them about what you have to offer.

Top of Mind Content

This is the investment that a business makes, when it cares enough about it’s presence in the market to simply let the marketplace know that they are there.  You never know when people are going to be ready to make a purchase.  Your job as a business is to gently and consistently remind people that you are there.  For more information about this type of content, click here to learn about the Social Media Content Package, or click on the Social Media button in the top menu bar.

Marketing Packages

To see many of the marketing packages that we offer, click here:  Marketing Packages

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