Marketing Video Production Oregon

How video marketing helps your business

Never before has it been easier to show the world the value of what you provide. Professional online video production elevates your marketing efforts:


Show your future customers how you will make their lives better.

Demonstrate how well you understand their needs.

Give them reasons to buy now or to call for more information.

Bring your company to life by letting them see and hear what you have to offer.

Professional online video provides you the opportunity to present a clear and concise message to the eyes of anyone with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Where to Start?

Designing and pricing a cost effective online video project takes skill.  Large traditional production companies only have one budget option; “Expensive”.  There are a lot of options between “TV / Movie style” production and iPhone videos.

If you want to have a brief conversation about ideas, budgets, or the production process, call 503 538-4356 for a free consultation and quote. If you would like to learn more about Jungle Media, read on and/or click around on the site to see if we are a good fit for your needs. There are a lot of samples to view.

Jungle Marketing Experience

Jungle Media has been producing online video marketing content for large and small businesses, as well as government and non-profit organizations since 1996.  During that time, we have produced hundreds of marketing programs. Our customers have used their professional marketing video to enhance the quality of their websites and their online presence.

The vast majority of our projects fall into the 2 to 5 minute format. There are some notable exceptions listed below.  To help you imagine the possible types of marketing video programs, we summarize as follows:

Product Marketing Video

When a business is launching a new product, they will often decide to produce an online video to summarize the benefits and features of the product.

Marketing Sample 2

Click to view the sample

Emphasis is usually directed toward generating interest, with a phone call or visit to a website as the “Call to action”.  In these video programs, we will work with the customer to identify the top 3 or 4 reasons why the product is unique or advantageous. We will develop the script in conjunction with input from the customer marketing team.


Marketing Sample 1

Click to view the sample

Shooting scenarios will be discussed, a production budget will be built and then Jungle Media takes the project to completion. Because of our background in engineering, marketing and project management, you will find that our projects are clean, organized and to the point. You and your team can participate in any part of the process that you like, from concept to script to choices in editing.


Marketing Sample 3

Click to view the sample

One of the unanticipated benefits of producing a marketing video, is that the effort to consolidate the message for the video, helps to sharpen the message for all of the other marketing elements; including the web site, presentations, print, etc.  We will work with your marketing team, agency or other stakeholders to add value to all of your marketing efforts.


Company Marketing Video

For smaller companies, or budget-limited organizations, Jungle Media has produced many “Introductory” video programs.  These will typically fall into the 2 to 3 minute category, with emphasis on providing an overview of the company and how it can serve its customer base.

Marketing Sample 4

Click to view the sample

Usually, the customer is less involved in the creation of the script and concept, and they rely on Jungle Media to build the program concept from scratch.
The customer then has an opportunity to modify the script after receiving the first draft. Often, Jungle Media will be asked to conduct on location interviews with the owner and/or key employees, without a full script, but with a simple script outline.


Marketing Sample 7

Click to view the sample

During these interviews, Jungle Media will direct the customer to provide useful commentary and reflection, toward the development of a compelling presentation. If you have a limited budget and a small or limited marketing department, you will find our open style of production refreshing and stress reducing.


Marketing Testimonials

Marketing Sample 6

Click to view the sample

One of the most powerful, low cost and often overlooked form of marketing video content, is the customer testimonial.  Customers are happy to talk about the companies and the products that they love. As this sample shows, simple is powerful.



Specialized Marketing Video Projects

Marketing Sample 5

Click to view the sample

From time to time, a customer will have a need for specific marketing video projects that do not fit the norm.  One such example was a rare book collector, who helped to market some of his finest works through a series of informal marketing lectures on the background of the books and their significance.  These video samples were all fairly long, (10 – 20 minutes) and worked well to highlight his examples and his expertise.


Click on the Recommendations tab above or on the link below to hear what many of our satisfied customers have to say.


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