Marketing Content For Your Business

Great content is EVERYTHING! Don’t settle for boring words. Don’t settle for amateur photos or pointless video. This is your company, your career. Great content makes it so much easier to grab attention and influence your audience. We can produce professional video, photo or copy content for you.

Marketing Content: Compelling Video

Smart phones can take stunning video.  I know.  When I don’t want to lug the professional gear on a vacation hike, I post plenty of Facebook video clips from my phone or DSLR.  But for anyone who has ever tried to take it a step further, and try their hand at a professional approach, you will learn VERY slowly just how much is involved with lighting, audio, color correction, editing, title design, music selection, graphics, compositing, etc. While every business doesn’t need a Super Bowl commercial, don’t mess up the one chance you have to make an impression.  Click here for a quick sample.

Marketing Content: Stunning Photography

It is so easy to take photos with our smart phones as well.  For some applications, like stream of conscience social media posts, this is all we need.  But when you are representing yourself or your business with your “Grown Up” face on.  Don’t give the wrong impression with snapshots of your products, your facilities or your peeps.  Nothing says that you take yourself seriously like a professional image.

Marketing Content:  Brilliant Copy

Marketing Copy

Do you want to get them interested or put them to sleep?  The more complicated your product, the more advanced your service, the more likely you will bore them away from your site.  Brilliant copy will generate interest.  Want to see a simple example?  Click here.


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