Jungle Media creates product launch “Teaser” video for Calder

Calder 1000

Calder, a long time producer of industrial valve testing equipment for heavy industry, has introduced its first portable valve testing system.  Now, refineries, treatment plants or any other facility with the need to control high pressure liquid, can test the valves on site, rather than having the valves shipped to a testing facility.  This makes a huge difference especially for facilities located far from civilization. Watch the teaser video for this product launch here: Calder Teaser Video

Jungle Media completes product announcement video for Unilux


The 60 second “Announcement” video was used for the product launch of a handheld strobe light for steel inspection. The product is a powerful way for steel production operators to view the quality of the product as it rolls by at hundreds of feet per minute. The strobe has the effect of stopping the motion of the steel to the human eye, when the frequency of the light is synchronized to the speed of the moving object.

Check out the link to the video here: Beacon announcement video

Jungle Media completes marketing video for local agency

As part of our small business focus, we have created an “overview of services” video for a local marketing firm serving Newberg and the Willamette valley.


Watch this very simple and effective 75 second message.  It is a perfect example of how a live, professional presentation can help others to see the benefit of working with your business. This “introductory overview” sample, along with our “customer testimony” and “product introduction” video packages are a cost effective way to get your business message moving online.

Jungle Media to produce historical video for Ernst Irrigation

Jungle Media has been hired to capture the stories and perspectives about the history of Ernst Irrigation.  In various forms, businesses related to the Ernst name have been serving the Willamette Valley since 1873.

Francois Ernst established a shoe shop upon his arrival in the “French Prairie” region of Northern Marion County.  In 1910, his son, Henry founded Ernst Hardware.  Since then there have been a variety of owners and families involved in the company that is now known as Ernst Irrigation.  To date, Jungle Media has already captured interviews with over a dozen key family members and employees.  Over the coming weeks, the pieces of the story that describe the trusted business admired by so many Willamette Valley farmers will be assembled.