Jungle Media adds another 4K camera to our production stable.

While Cinema cameras like the Canon C200 provide incredible 4K images with extremely shallow depth of field and amazing clarity, there are times when the situation or the subject require more focal length options than the 2x or 3x range of a typical cinema lens. In late 2021, Canon rocked the production world with an amazing piece of technology branded as the Canon FX-605. This 4K, Ultra HD, CMOS based camcorder boasts a 15x powered optical zoom, to allow amazing reach and subject separation. In addition, the new dual pixel focus technology allows the operator to track detail in a moving subject not just with facial tracking, but eye tracking. We anticipate using this camera in situations like live presentations, sporting events, seminars, large outdoor venues, factory floors, production lines or any environment where the 15x reach will capture the required detail. You can now expect that we will capture easy to control situations like interviews with the Cinema camera and more complicated B-roll shots with the 15X zoom when circumstances require. Look for a demo reel update in the near future as we put this tool to work for you. Along with the 3-axis gimbal and the 4K aerial drone, we can now capture footage in any environment or situation to build your marketing or training content.

Check out our equipment page for a more complete list of the tools we put to work for you.

Jungle Media switches all production to 4K equipment

All media capture will now be in 4K, Ultra High Definition

At the beginning of 2022, Jungle Media invested in all new production equipment to take advantage of 4K recording capabilities. While most of our customers will still prefer final output in compressed HD format for web, social media or YouTube, the switch to 4K equipment will allow for greater flexibility during the edit and of course higher quality. Click here to get a summary of or new equipment: junglemedia.com/equipment

Jungle Media produces product launch video for the Mantis Vision System

Jungle Media travelled to Orlando Florida to capture footage for the Mantis Vision System, sold by Unilux of Saddlebrook, New Jersey.  The project was a simple splash video to generate excitement about a new product category for Unilux.

The project involved capturing footage of the product in action at a customer site.  Footage was then used in the creation of the marketing video asset that accompanied the product launch.  Click here to watch the video:


Jungle Media adds Annual Subscription for Social Media Content.

Two of the things that our customers have asked for regarding social media content is monthly payments and more than 16 (4 months worth)  of clips.  For 2020, Jungle Media is launching our annual subscription / monthly payment option for social media content.


Here is how it will work:

  • We will setup automatic monthly payments from your credit card.  ($500 per month for the standard package and $750 per month for the PLUS package)
  • We will schedule a regular social media content shoot with you, three times during the year. For example; January, May and September.

We will produce 16 to 18 clips from each session and deliver them to you to be used once per week for the following 4 months.  When it is time for more content, we will schedule a time to record more clips in plenty of time for them to be ready to provide uninterrupted content to your marketing feed.

This provides you with 52 weeks of content for a low monthly price.  The only thing you need to do is to have “subjects” available three times during the year.  A typical shoot is less than 3 hours.

To see samples and to read more details about how the way that the Social Media Content Package works, click here:  Social Media Content Package


Jungle Media Boosted Post generates great 5 day statistics for Ernst Irrigation.

Our second Facebook Boost on the Jungle Media Facebook Page went to Ernst Irrigation of St. Paul.  This time, rather than $20, we wanted to see the results that might come from a 5 day, $10 boost.  While not as high as a $20 boost (as expected), the numbers are still impressive.  In fact, we got more clicks for the $10 boost (5) than we did with the $20 boost. Check out the details of our  Social Media Content Package for more information.  Once again, this reach is an extremely cost effective way to target a specific service area for your local business.




Jungle Media Boosted Post generates great 5 day statistics for local business.

We have been producing great social media clips for several years now.  This month, we completed a Social Media Content Package for Guild Mortgage of Newberg.  The resulting clips featuring Stuart Brown and his team were simply wonderful.  To prove the value of these types of clips for local business, we posted his first sample on the Jungle Media Facebook Page and purchased a 5 day, $20 boost, targeting Portland, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Newberg and McMinnville.  The results were stellar!  This reach is an extremely cost effective way to target a specific service area for your local business.


Click here to view a few of the samples from the project:  Guild Mortgage Social Media Samples.

Jungle Media Produces Pack Expo Trade Show Monitor Content for PPM

On September 23, PPM Technologies displayed Jungle Media created content on two 65 inch Sony XBR 900F monitors to beckon visitors into their digital trade show booth.  It was the first time that the booth contained hi-resolution video of conveying, seasoning and frying machinery, rather than the physical equipment itself.  The approach was a success for PPM, with the monitors effectively causing show goers to stop and look at the many food products handled by PPM machinery.

See the video here: https://junglemedia.com/ppm-technologies-trade-show-content/