Business Overview Package

The Business Overview Package is a great way to compile a selection of benefits of doing business with your company.  It can be used to highlight the things that make you unique. You can share your success, provide a summary of your products or services, reveal your value statement, or anything that helps to shine a positive light on your company.

The package includes:

  • A web ready business overview video (3 to 5 minutes)
  • Full Script development
  • Full day of shooting, interviews, products, testimonies, b-roll at your location (local to Portland)
  • Opening logo
  • Closing Logo
  • Voice Over to fill in the spots between interviews or to carry the narrative
  • Graphics (Simple approach as seen in our samples.  More complete graphics can be developed for additional cost)

While it is also possible to create a much more elaborate production, and some companies will want to consider this, our Overview package is a great first step to establish a marketing content program.

Please view some of the samples below:


Sample 1, Climax Machine Tools


Climax Portable Machine Tools launched a marketing campaign to present an overview of the company from several perspectives; Quality, Innovation, etc.

This segment covered the topic of Quality.  This is one great way to introduce an audience to your company, through the benefit they will receive.



Sample 2, Heirloom Roses


Heirloom Roses wanted to create a signature “Spotlight” marketing video about their company and what makes them unique.  This was created to accomplish that purpose.





Sample 3, GK Machine Employee Recruitment


GK Machine was looking for an overview of their company from the perspective of employee recruitment.  This marketing tool was played at the Oregon State Fair and also on the company web site.





Sample 4, Edwards and Associates


Edwards and Associates wanted a marketing tool for outlining the benefits of working with their team. This message was created to provide that overview to the potential client.