How do we do it?

Experience, efficiency and a focus on what is most important.   Jungle Media has been in business since 1996.  During that time, we have produced hundreds and hundreds of marketing and training programs.  Many of these projects were fairly  high budget productions with professional actors, experienced crews, professional voice over and high quality professional cameras, lenses and audio gear. While we are proud of every project that we have and will produce, we discovered over the last year or two, that there was a large growing need for social media content that is much less formal.  We also noticed that many “selfie” or non-professionally produced posts are almost embarrassingly distracting.

So we decided to take a “minimalist” yet “professional” approach to our social media offering.  Leveraging our professional equipment, experience and perspective, we began to offer an almost unbelievably affordable approach to the business community.

So why we do we do it better than anyone else?  As the owner and primary producer, I (Owner, Brian Groves) bring all of my skill to the table for every project.  My customers continue to work with me because:

  • I know how to get everyday people to relax and respond to my interviewing style on camera.
  • My technical background helps all of the content that I produce for you to be “on point” toward the goal of the project.
  • My methodical approach to producing content is extremely efficient and helps to save money.
  • My business overhead is low. My office / studio space in downtown Newberg is compact and affordable.  I do not spend money on anything that does not contribute to the bottom line of the customer.