Jungle Media acquires Helix, 3-axis Gimbal

As part of our continuing effort to expand and improve our visual capture capabilities, we just completed the acquisition of the Helix Jr. 3-axis Gimbal.


A 3-axis gimbal allows for smooth shots not tied to a tripod.


This amazing device, allows the operator to mount the C 100 cinema camera (or the 7D Mark II) to the gimbal, power up the gyro motors, and walk through a scene with the camera at eye level, while maintaining a gyroscopically stable attitude. The primary purpose of the rig will be to add visual interest to outdoor shoots or large indoor spaces, where a “walk-around” or “pass-by” shot is desirable. Without the rig, shoulder mounted or hand-held shots will often create an amateur or ragged style that might be fine for “event” projects, but not appropriate for marketing productions. Several projects scheduled for early 2016 will take advantage of the new equipment.

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