Carter Webb, Former manager Safety Affairs, Esco Corporation

Recommend? Highly recommend? Strongly recommend? For me, those words all fall short of my experience and thoughts of Brian Groves’ professionalism surrounding his work product, interpersonal insight, integrity and demeanor that have made Jungle Media the quality video production company it is.

As the former Manger, Environmental/Safety Affairs for the ESCO Corporation, a global steel technology company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, I was responsible for the oversight of all matters pertaining to environmental and safety. With a global work force of more than 1,500 shop and office employees, the need to maintain a safe work environment was high, especially given the dangers of the shop environment.

Having previously met Brian at an inter-personal retreat, I had a first hand opportunity to experience how he thought and approached life; creative, thoughtful and respective. Those are the same qualities he brings to his work and are what attracted me to hire him on more than one occasion. Brian produced an outstanding Grinding Safety Training video that is utilized throughout the ESCO family of foundry operations. He additionally produced an Earthquake Preparedness video that focuses primarily on the Portland, Oregon area, but given the safety training message of potential dangers and appropriate action, this video is utilized inter-nationally.

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