Joe Weller, Senior Marketing Manager, SmartSheet

Brian created several series of videos for the RealPlayer team. We used the videos (among other places) on our marketing landing pages and saw a significant boost in conversion rates. Internally, the feedback on the videos was overwhelmingly positive. Brian came up with the concept for the videos and handled the entire process, everything from end-to-end, delivering to us completed videos on-time and on-budget.

Our marketing team was understaffed, so we relied heavily on Brian for these projects. Brian handled this with ease. But he didn’t work in a vacuum either. He made sure to keep us up to speed and get our feedback along the way. I felt like he really understood our business, our customers, and what we were trying to accomplish with the videos. He was especially good at sussing out the core message and working with the talent to execute. He did a great job for the RealPlayer team.

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