Jungle Media purchases Canon C100 cinema system

Jungle Media has just invested in the Canon C100 cinema camera system. The cinema camera system allows for movie style, shallow depth of field footage to be captured in virtually any light situation whether outdoors or in small internal spaces. The cinema camera system was developed by Canon to provide DSLR style imagery with the professional features and controls necessary for the demands of location shooting.


Jungle Media C100 Cinema Camera

Jungle Media purchases Canon C100 Cinema Camera.


This new camera, combined with an array of 5 Canon EF lenses, will allow unprecedented flexibility for your next shoot. Our lens list includes 2 professional zoom lenses (24-105mm F4.0L IS, and 10-22mm F3.5) as well as 3 prime lenses (100mm F2.0, 50mm, F1.4, 28mm F1.8)

Of course, there are also many situations that will benefit from the professional features found on our traditional HD video camera. Whether a long zoom, with or without a smooth pan or tilt, the 16 to 1 lens on our JVC GY-HD200u coupled with the precise movement of the Vinten Vision 5 fluid head tripod will continue to make appropriate fixed shots or live events look just great.

I am excited to bring this new equipment into the field for upcoming projects. For a partial list of our current equipment, visit the new Equipment page at http://www.junglemedia.com/equipment.

Better yet, like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jungle-Media/331551611693.

Either way, leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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