Jungle Media Upgrades Production Equipment

Effective October 18, 2014, Jungle Media has upgraded the second camera in our inventory to the JVC GY-HM700. This camera has replaced our flagship B-roll camera for the past 5 years, the JVC GY-HD200.

HD Video Production Capability

Jungle Media adds JVC GY-HM700 HD tapeless camera to equipment list.

In addition to adding higher resolution support, the acquisition of the GY-HM700 includes the purchase of the superior Fujinon XT17xs4.5BRM production lens.

Our location shooting capability now includes the Canon C100 cinema system for interviews, handheld applications and short depth of field shots, along with the HM700 for fixed tripod long range outdoor shots and/or long/steady zoom shots.

The addition of the XT17s4.5BRM lens includes smoother zoom capabilities in both fast and short intervals. So the next time a shoot requires long reach, such as outdoor adventure shots, large factory or warehouse footage, live auditorium presentations, press events, tracking of distant objects on the water, in the sky or from a distant hill, the results we can provide for you will be exceptional.

2014 marks the first time that we have replaced two camera systems within the same year. We are committed to providing the best equipment for the needs of our target customer base, while managing our overhead to provide lowest cost / highest value services to the marketing and training communications industry.

As always, should your production require specialized equipment that is not in our inventory, we are always able to rent additional cameras or lenses for your specific shoot.

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